Teatro al Vacío
Dance | Mexico/Argentina

SOLD OUT Close (Cerca)

A universal story about friendship and how we find our place in the world.

About the Show

Two strangers exploring the world on their own meet in an unexpected encounter. They are very different from each other but yet have things in common. How will they connect? This playful dance show uses a pulsing soundtrack and some cute puppies to tell a universal story about friendship and how we find our place in the world.

An early years dance piece by a young company pioneering early years work in Mexico. Developed as part of a residency in La Baracca, Italy. Invited in collaboration with TakeOff Children’s Theatre Festival, Durham, England.

Seating: Cushions and Benches 

Supported by Small size, performing arts for early years, in partnership with Polka Theatre

Funded by the European Union programme Creative Europe 2014-2018

Working in collaboration with TakeOff 2017 Festival presented by Theatre Hullabaloo

Company Background

Teatro al Vacío is constantly looking for new ways to devise and create theatre. It seeks to create a kind of theatre that transcends the viewer while transcending the actor, a theatre that is honest and not imposed, and a theatre where the actor is a creator. Teatro al Vacio productions are physical and created with a minimal aesthetic, responding to contemporary trends, in order to offer new dramatic alternatives.

Teatro al Vacío Workshop

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