Het Laagland
Theatre | Netherlands

The Peter Pan Experience (Expeditie Peter Pan)

A quirky, high-energy show inspired by one of our favourite fairytales.

About the Show

This is Neverland, a twilight zone between dreaming and waking. Anything can happen here, if only you’re willing to see it. However, don’t expect to meet Peter Pan or Tinker Bell. Instead, meet five adults who have forgotten how to use their imagination and have desperately tried to ignore the clues Neverland has given them, but this time they can’t escape.

Journey with them to Neverland on a wild adventure of imagination, rediscovery, and surprises. A quirky, high-energy show based on one our favourite fairytales.

‘…offers something most children find irresistible: adults acting irrepressibly silly.’ The New York Times

Seating: Theatre Seating 


Post Show Q&A:  Sat 21 October 2.30 & Sun 22 October 2.30

Company Background

Het Laagland creates theatre shows suited for the whole family. Their tour productions, class productions and location theatre create recognition and amazement in a playful, narrative and imaginative way. By addressing the power of imagination and empathy, Het Laagland performances encourage looking further than the world you already know and discovering who you really are.

Het Laagland Workshop for Adults

Learn more about Het Laagland's practical workshop for adults, exploring the power of the imagination and childhood fantasy.