Teatro Paraíso
Theatre | Spain

Xocolat (Chocolate)

A performance filled with sweet surprises and decadent delights, Xocolat excites not only the taste buds but also the imagination. 

About the Show

One woman’s predictable, orderly routine of making chocolate bars is interrupted when a fun and impulsive companion shows up for a surprise visit.  The pleasure of tasting chocolate brings these two unlikely friends together as the chocolate melts in their mouths and ignites a dreamlike journey, reminding the woman of the delight that can lie within a simple bar of chocolate. 

Company Background

Teatro Paraíso was founded 40 years ago, its aim to reach young audiences around the world. Teatro Paraíso’s KunArte is a center of artistic innovation, aimed at small citizens (0-6 years old) and the adults who accompany them (artists, families, teachers and researchers). Its activities and programmes are inspired by the curiosity with which young children discover the world and the arts.