Children's Art Centre
Dance | Poland

Blisko (Close)

Dancers and audience members explore how nature can reveal the great secrets of our world...

About the Show

Prepare to engage all of your senses, as Blisko asks its audience to see, touch, feel and peel away the many layers of its performance.  From the smooth silky soil sprouts a dazzling discovery as two dancers, together with the audience, playfully investigate how nature can reveal secrets about our world and our relationships within it. Blisko invites you to ‘come closer’ and enter a gentle world where friendship, family and closeness is celebrated. 

Company Background

Children’s Art Centre in Poznań has been striving to make ‘every child their partner in a conversation, mediated through art, about important issues’ for over 30 years.  In addition to creating performances for children, the company presents numerous events such as the International Festival of Arts for Early Years and the International Young Audience Film Festival.