Théâtre de la Guimbarde
Theatre | Belgium

Cache-Cache (Hide-and-Seek)

Two siblings have been put to bed for the night, but these children have more exciting plans in mind!

About the Show 

A room there
A noise outside, steps
I am hiding here
Who’s hiding there?

Become part of their simple game as two siblings reinvent new ways to play hide-and-seek. In a rediscovery of the pleasure of hiding oneself in order to discover oneself, Cache-Cache invites audiences to experience the acrobatic adventures that ensue past these children’s bedtime. 

Company Background 

One of the founding members of Small size, Théâtre de la Guimbarde has been working in the field of theatre for young audiences for over 40 years.  La Guimbarde is one of Belgium’s key founders of early years theatre, having created 14 performances for children in kindergarten and nurseries since the year 2000 and promoting children’s theatre in Belgium and abroad.