Compagnie ONAVIO
Theatre | France

Pas de Loup (No Wolf)

Pas de Loup joyfully reminds us not to be overcome by fears that creep up on us as we get ready to fall asleep.

About the Show 

Possibly one of the most relatable and memorable feelings of childhood is the fear that sneaks up on us right as it is time to go to bed. Pas de Loup gently and joyfully accompanies its young spectators into this mysterious land of fear as one character tries to fall asleep amidst her worries.  Infusing what typically scares us with humor and fun, Pas de Loup reminds us that even if we are afraid, we are never alone.   

Company Background

Since 1996, Companie ONAVIO has been producing shows for many different age groups.  In 2008, the company created its own venue, La Marmaille, a theatre for young audiences in Limoges designed exclusively for children. This theatre features performances for early years in addition to exhibitions, play areas, a library, and more to complement its productions.