Associate Artists

‘As somebody who has just started tapping into the surface of the magical world of theatre for young audiences, being in Bologna was like winning the lottery.’ Manuela Corbari

Manuela Corbari is a Baboró Associate Artist. Below she describes her trip to La Baracca in Bologna in 2016:

I am just back from six days at ‘Visioni di Teatro, Visioni di Futuro’, international festival of theatre and culture for early years in Bologna, Italy. Six days of workshops and shows. Six days of inspiring conversations with artists who have been involved in theatre for young audiences for quite some time or for a short time, just like I am.

Having participated in the Small Size Artistic Director’s meeting in Charleroi, Belgium in August 2015, Baboró had given me the great opportunity to be present at the festival. As somebody who has just started tapping the surface of the magical world of theatre for young audiences, being in Bologna was like winning the lottery. Every conversation, every new face, even everywhere you look around the building where the theatre is, every show, every workshop opened up myriads of ideas and possibilities of creation, everything being stimulating and inspiring in that context.

As part of the Masterclass (30 YEARS, A POSSIBLE THEATRE… Making Theatre for Early Years), two workshops were led by Roberto Frabetti, founder of la Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi. One focused on the gaze, or the importance of connecting through the eyes with a very young audience, and the other one on spoken words.

The other workshop, focusing on light, was facilitated by Andrea Buzzetti, a familiar face to Galway audiences. Andrea performed and directed shows like ‘On/Off’, ‘E Poi Cadono’, ‘Spot’, ‘Casa’, some of which have featured in previous Baboró Festival programmes.

Another very interesting workshop I attended, led by Icelandic Vigdís Jakobsdóttir, was ‘The Laboratory of Randomness and Coincidences’, or how to find creative inspiration from random objects/events and how to make connections creatively, opening unexpected possibilities.

Among the show,s my favourites were ‘La Bella o La Bestia’, by Bruno Cappagli – La Baracca, Italy and ‘Anziehsache/Clothes’ from Theaterhaus Ensemble, Frankfurt, Germany.

Together with the kindergarten children, who looked with excitement and wonder at what was happening on stage, the child in me soaked up this amazing experience, made of new, colourful, poetic, free, magic and the unexpected. I loved it!

Manuela Corbari, March 2016