Baboró Memories

Baboró has presented quality entertainment to young Galway audiences for over twenty years. Each programme brings a new round of incredible theatre, exhibitions, workshops and more. Here’s a look into Baboró through past festivals...

Baboró Memories


Baboró Memories

At the culmination of a four-year partnership with Small size, Baboró hosted the one-off gathering Wide Eyes in February, dedicating the event to Galway’s youngest citizens and presenting fifteen new shows made especially for early years.

uoo, mee, weee!

uoo, mee, weee!

Baboró & Branar - Ireland

“It is a humorous tale of finding your feet and having the courage to be different.”

Baboró joined forces with Branar Téater do Pháistí during Wide Eyes for its very first production, the show uoo, mee, wee! that captivated 3 to 6 years at the O’Donoghue Centre.


We Come From Far, Far Away

We Come From Far, Far Away

New International Encounter (NIE) - UK and Norway

"...he is called Abdullah, and he comes from Syria...He can show you the things he has brought with him and he can tell you the reasons for his journey, but he can't tell you where the story ends."

The Peter Pan Experience (Expeditie Peter Pan)

Het Laagland - Netherlands

“Don’t expect to meet Peter Pan or Tinker Bell…instead, meet five adults who have forgotten how to use their imagination.”

Team-at-Peter-Pan.jpg#asset:3221The Baboró Team with the cast of Expeditie Peter Pan

What Does Red Do On Thursday? (Was macht das Rot am Donnerstag?)

Thalis Kompagnons - Germany

"First a small red dot is painted; soon it comes to life and transforms into flying balls, birds and clouds. A dreamlike journey ensues..."

Imagination Playground


Supported by Medtronic -- Bricí Spraoi - Ireland

Imagination Playground encouraged self-expression through free play as a part of Creative Connections. A variety of large blue foam bricks allowed children to build their own playground by imagining, inventing and collaborating.


Whoosh! (Woei!)


Alle Hoeken van de Kamermuziek - Holland

"...gentle introduction to live music for very young children...a world where the only spoken language is music and where every breath is transformed into beautiful sounds."

The Secret Life of Suitcases

Ailie Cohen Puppet Maker - Scotland

"Everything in Larry's life is in its place...until a mysterious suitcase appears at his door."

A Feast of Bones

Theatre Lovett - Ireland

"In the shadows of the First World War, one cunning customer is about to be served a meal he will never let the music strike up, let hunger be satisfied - and let the laughter be so loud you cannot hear the distant thunder."


The Wolf & Peter


CoisCéim Dance Theatre - Ireland

"Prokofiev's 'Peter and the Wolf' told through the eyes of Wolf...a thrilling adventure to explore and discover contemporary dance and performance at its best."

Concertino Pannolino

Théâtre de la Guimbarde - Belgium

"A cellist and flautist bring the audience on a gentle musical journey...A large water lily allows babies to 'feel' the cello's vibrations, giving them a rich musical experience."

A Mano (By Hand)

El Patio Teatro - Spain

"It is a love story; a story about small failures, a potter's wheel, a cup that breathes, two people with great enthusiasm, a tiny pottery workshop and four hands that play."


The Way Back Home


Branar & Teater Refleksion, in association with Baboró - Ireland & Denmark

"When a boy discovers a single-propeller airplane in his closet, he does what any young adventurer would do: he flies into outer space! Based on the book 'The Way Back Home' by Oliver Jeffers."

The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy

Slingsby - Australia

"Cheeseboy's home planet has been reduced to a bubbling fondue. Where are his parents? How did he become marooned on Earth? Join Cheeseboy in a journey that is both wondrous and achingly familiar as he struggles to come to terms with the loss of his parents."



Architects of Air - England

A luminarium is a sculpture of light and colour that often moves people to a sense of wonder. For its 18th birthday, Baboró hosted nine days of Amococo at the Spanish Arch, entrancing visitors with the beauty of light.

Citizens of the World, Now

Presented by KBC Bank -- La Barraca, Testoni Ragazzi - Italy

6_Fuad_Aziz-copy.jpg#asset:3220by Fuad Aziz

Citizens of the World, Now: Charter of Children's Rights to Art and Culture was an exhibition inspired by the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. 18 panels by 18 international artists containing 18 rights were presented in five languages, including Irish, to open awareness of the rights of children as citizens, here and now, not just in the future.


Hands Up!


Theater Lejo - Netherlands

"'Simple' puppets, consisting only of hands and eyes...a hyperactive pianist, a lazy panpipes player, a cool dj, and even an entire children's choir will enter the scene."

Cloud Man

Ailie Cohen Puppet Maker - Scotland

"Cloudia has always kept her head in the clouds...she has dreamt of seeing a Cloud Man - an extremely rare creature who lives a quiet life high up in the sky."


Frozen Charlotte - Scotland

"Paperbelle's world is blank and plain, and she likes it that way. The colours, on the other hand, want to play games, and they want Paperbelle to join in!"

Baboró Memories

Potato Needs a Bath

2012: Shona Reppe - Scotland


"There's going to be a party and everyone is ready...Potato needs a bath, but he has other ideas..."

BEAST! Exhibition

2012: Tom Meskell and Blacklight - The Interactive Building


BEAST - Baboró, Environment, Arts, Science, Technology

These Five Keys formed a unique platform for Baboró to work with scientists and artists, children and teachers. This was Beast! Phase 2 The Exhibition, and it invited many to go explore an exhibition that demonstrated the power of Science and the Arts. Attendees could explore energy harvesting, experiment with seaweed and enjoy hands-on workshops.


2011: Das Papiertheater - Germany


For the Festival opening event, Baboró invited visitors to Galway and Galwegians to share what is Priceless in their lives.

Das Papiertheater from Germany created an art installation in that animated the street in a unique and interactive way, starting the brilliant Baboró festival atmosphere in Galway City centre.


Birdie's Debut

Birdie made its first appearance in the 2010 Festival Programme, designed by artist Morgan O'Brien. We've loved Birdie ever since!



2010: Catherine Wheels - Scotland


"Welcome to the beautiful world of White. Full of birdsong and birdhouses, it gleams in the night. Two friends look after the birds and make sure the eggs stay safe."

Natural Born Artists Conference

2009: Town Hall Theatre Complex


In 2009, Baboró hosted an international conference exploring the world of the Arts for Early Years. Funded by the Arts Council, NUI Galway and the European Commission's Culture 2007-2013 Programme, as part of the Small Size - Big Citizens Project, the conference aimed to bring artists, researchers, crèche teachers, parents and practitioners together to examine cultural politics, addressing the critical contribution that the arts make to children and to society as a whole. Key speakers included David Coleman and Martin Drury, with presenters Charlotte Fallon, Rhona Matheson and Corina Chiran.

Morgan O'Brien Exhibition

2008: Kenny Gallery


An exhibition of prints and original watercolours by Morgan O'Brien was showcased during the 2008 Festival. This same Galway artist designed the programme art that year, creating a cheeky duo that delighted viewers.

Morgan O'Brien went on to design Birdie!


Baby Rave

2007: Young at Art - Northern Ireland


"A real rave, complete with DJ, music, lighting and projections, specially created for very young children and adults to experience contemporary music and dance together!"

Stories of Faces

2001: Horta Van Hoye - Switzerland


"Children are transfixed as rolls of recycled paper become three-dimensional characters which quickly assume vibrant lives of their own."

The First Programme


1997 marked the first year of Baboró as an independent, fully fledged Festival for young people. Since the beginning, Baboró has stressed the importance of accessibility, providing travel and ticket subsidies to schools so that as many children as possible can have meaningful arts experiences.


This first festival in October of 1997 was opened by Michael D. Higgins, Minister for Arts, Culture and Gaeltacht. We're proud, in 2018, to have Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland, as our Patron.


The name Baboró comes from an Irish children's folk song, Im Bim Baboró.

Baboró is proud of its impact in Galway and the nation at large, bringing children's art in Ireland to new levels. We've seen changes, but all have brought new Festivals that thrill audiences, young and young at heart. We're so thankful for our loyal supporters that allow us to add to our rich history year after year. We could not do this without you!

Looking forward to many memorable moments to come!

- The Baboró Team

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