Year-round Work

Throughout the year Baboró engages in an exciting portfolio of complementary projects in preparation for the annual festival, which:

  • Support artists in making great work for young audiences. This is offered through our GROW programme, which includes 'Pathways to Production' and 'Festival Mentoring'. Baboró also provides additional resources where possible, such as our Hot Desk in the Baboró office in Galway city Centre.
  • Deepen our engagement with our audiences and new communities through outreach programmes, such as our partnership with Culture Night last year.
  • Provide professional development and create resources for educators, such as our Continuous Professional Development Programme (CPD) - which is now in its third year.
  • Develop partnerships and collaborations within the sector, both nationally and internationally
  • Increase and improve industry knowledge and strategies by continuing to take part in research and global conversations about the evolution of the sector.
  • Support schools in implementing an Arts-in-Education approach through our outreach programme BEAST! (Baboró: Environment, Arts, Science & Technology)
  • Ultimately, enhance the offering of our annual festival for children, their families and schools.