GROW Artist Development

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011 Pathways to Production Anita Murphy 2019

Baboró has a long history of mentoring and supporting artists, creatives and educators who are exploring and developing theatre, dance, music and visual art for young audiences, or are interested in doing so.

Whether you are an emerging artist, a student or an established artist interested in making work for children, our GROW programme is here to support your development.

Vital Spark

Baboró have partnered with The Spark Arts for Children as a lead international partner on The Spark’s artist development programme, Vital Spark, to empower underrepresented artists to make incredible live performance for young audiences.

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Festival Mentoring

Baboró's Festival Mentoring is open to artists and creatives (writers, producers, directors, choreographers, designers) at any stage of their career wishing to develop work for children and young people.

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Go See Fund

Baboró offers a small fund to support artists and creatives who make, or wish to make work for children, to travel within Ireland to see theatre work for children.

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Pathways to Production

Pathways to Production is an artist support programme to support artists and young companies to develop their ideas with a view to presenting a full performance piece for young audiences.

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LEAP is a four day, paid workshop and community-building project for creative individuals from underrepresented, ethnically diverse communities or migrant backgrounds curious about creating work for young audiences.

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