Go See Fund

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Baboró is delighted to offer a small Go See Fund to support artists and creatives to travel within Ireland to see work for children. The fund is designed for those who make or wish to make work for children and are looking for inspiration, new approaches to presentation, etc.

To ensure this small fund can benefit as many individuals as possible, it will support the cost of event tickets and travel within the island of Ireland only, up to a maximum of €100 per application.

If you wish to apply for this funding please outline in 1-2 pages:

  • Information about your practice
  • Details of the work you wish to see (inc. title, artist/company, age range of audience, and the venue/festival at which it will be presented)
  • Why you wish to see this particular piece of work
  • How you think seeing it will benefit your practice
  • A brief budget outlining the costs that the fund would cover

Please send completed applications to our Artist & Programme Coordinator at rachel@baboro.ie with the subject line 'Go See Fund Application'.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year.