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LEAP is a four day, paid workshop and community-building project for creative individuals from underrepresented, ethnically diverse communities or migrant backgrounds curious about creating work for young audiences. LEAP is a partnership between Baboró, Moonfish Theatre and NUI Galway.

The first LEAP workshop in April 2022 is a pilot programme and is a part of Baboró’s EDI strategy aiming to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion in the TYA sector.

Facilitated by Moonfish, the workshop encourages participants to share and exchange artistic and creative techniques and tools as they play physical theatre and devising games and explore how to create stories using puppetry, multiple languages, music, and movement.

LEAP is funded by the Arts Council with further support from the Irish Research Council.

The callout for the pilot workshop is closed but you can learn more about it here.

LEAP 2022 Learnings Report

We are delighted to share our learnings from the development of our pilot LEAP programme which can be downloaded below.

Download our LEAP 2022 Learnings here.

LEAP 2022 Participants

Alexandra Craciun

Fernanda Ferrari

Justyna Cwojdzińska

Justin Anene