The Streets Are Ours

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The Streets Are Ours

'The Streets Are Ours' is a collaborative project to create a promenade performance by Galway children combining parkour, contemporary dance and circus skills. Baboró worked with Arch 8 (The Netherlands), Galway Community Circus and Galway Dance Project to create and deliver this project.

The artists and children developed the project online from their homes in Galway and The Netherlands throughout March 2021. Together they built an improvisational dance performance that was recorded in a socially distanced manner.

Partners: Arch8, Galway Community Circus, Galway Dance Project.

Artists: Fionnuala Doyle-Wade, Paulien Truijen, Erik Kaiel (Arch8), Isabela Mello (Galway Community Circus)

Performers: Annie Hughes, Lucia Hughes, Albert Moses Daiden Carew, Donnacha Carew, Rachel Feeny, Mila Hynes, Elena Revollo, Jack Lally, Paídí Halloran and Míchaél Barceló.

Video: Anna Mullarkey (Soundtrack), Sarah Moloney (Illustrations), John Murphy (Editing and animation), Finbar McHugh (Street art), Matthew Smyth (Producer)

The Streets Are Home

Throughout March and April, our artists were developing their performances through zoom workshops. Special thanks to Annie Hughes for allowing us to take a peek into her performance development and practice.

Photos: Anita Murphy