Our Day Out

Jennie O'Connell

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Imagine a big, vibrant city where you can do all kinds of fun things, and where there is always somewhere interesting to go and something exciting to do! You could watch a fantastic parade, go to the aquarium, (you might find yourself snorkeling at the top of the shark tank) or go up on the huge ferris wheel with your cool granny!

In this series of paintings for children by Jennie O’Connell, we follow Moya and her friends and family as they explore their imaginary city through the seasons. This exhibition of lively and joyful watercolour and digital paintings was presented during our festival in 2021 for the enjoyment by children of all ages.

‘Our Day Out’ was commissioned by Baboró International Arts Festival for Children as part of a new partnership with Engage Art Studios.

Our Day Out

Jennie O’Connell was born in Galway and spent much of her childhood huddled under a towel on Grattan beach, trying (in vain) to avoid the rain. She moved to Wexford when she was 10, where, despite enjoying better weather, she missed Galway a lot! After some years in London and New York, Jennie returned to Galway to study film and screenwriting, and has remained here ever since.

Jennie loves painting and drawing nostalgic, quirky and evocative scenes for children (and adults). Her work is relatable, colourful, and often humorous. Jennie finds joy and beauty in the small, everyday moments, and her attention to detail and focus on the relatable means that everyone can enjoy her art and find something that resonates with them.