Sound Secrets

Make your own radio plays in the classroom or at home!

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Dive into the world of radio drama with Moonfish Theatre and Baboró International Arts Festival for Children. Learn how to make your own radio plays, using objects you'd find in your house!

Sound Secrets
is a series of 5 short videos suitable for the classroom or any budding creatives at home: These 5 videos will take participants on an audio-visual journey where they will learn how to create their own foley effects, and experiment with creating their own radio plays. The technology for children to make their own radio plays is widely available, even with just a smartphone, incredibly easy to use, and it is a fantastic outlet for creativity. Even grown-ups can join in!

Sound Secrets Teacher Resource Pack

This pack includes some recommendations and ideas on how to record a radio
play in the classroom as well as some activities that will help your students
learn more about Foley (sound effects or background sounds for audio or video) and creative process involved in making a radio play.

Download the resource here

Watch Episode 1

Duration: 20 minutes

Watch Episode 2

Duration: 9 minutes

Watch Episode 3

Duration: 3.5 minutes

Watch Episode 4

Duration: 3 minutes

Watch Episode 5

Duraiton: 2 minutes