The Veiled Ones

Junk Ensemble

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The Veiled Ones, a dance theatre piece for children created by Junk Ensemble, was co-commissioned for Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture by the TRACKS Network, which includes Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, Cork Midsummer Festival and Dublin Fringe Festival.

The Veiled Ones is an immersive show, loosely inspired by Roald Dahl’s beloved novel The Witches. It explores themes of loss and preconceived ideas of beauty and highlights the powerful relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.

The show will be performed at Cork Midsummer Festival, Baboró International Arts Festival for Children and Dublin Fringe Festival.

Junk Ensemble was founded by twin sisters and Artistic Directors Megan Kennedy and Jessica Kennedy. Based in Dublin, the company exists to engage diverse audiences through the creation and presentation of brave, imaginative and accessible dance-theatre work that sheds light on important human issues relevant to society today. Junk Ensemble frequently collaborate with artists from other disciplines to produce a rich mix of visual and performance styles that challenge the traditional audience/performer relationship and their work has toured internationally.

TRACKS Network is a co-commissioning network of festivals comprising Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, Cork Midsummer and Dublin Fringe Festival.