Flying the Flag

Age: All Ages

Available online here from 4-17 October.

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Flying the Flag Banner

Children of Galway have planted their flag in the sand to say they are heard, to say they are seen, to say they are here to create, to play, to spread their wings and be free.

‘Flying the Flag’ is a celebration of children’s right to the arts, inspired by the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. Embracing the theme of freedom as represented by birds in flight and the impactful action of planting your flag, three artists embark on an adventure by collaborating with children from across Galway city and county, with the children becoming both the designers and performers of the project.

Six Galway schools and a troupe of child performers from Headford, Co. Galway join forces with Baboró artists-in-residence Judith Higgins and Miquel Barceló and designer Orla Clogher to co-create this joyful dance-theatre film, marking Baboró’s 25th anniversary.

Flying the Flag