Relaxed Performances

Enjoy performances from our festival programme in a comfortable, supportive atmosphere.

To find Relaxed Performances in our 2018 Programme, please look for shows with the RP logo. Show times that include an * indicate which performance is Relaxed.

Relaxed Performances

A relaxed performance is aimed specifically at parents who may have concerns about bringing their child/children to a public event for a variety of reasons. They may find it difficult to be still and/or silent for the duration of a performance. They may have concerns about the space – darkness/noise etc. They may need regular reinforcement in the form of food/drink etc. Their behaviour may be unpredictable.

These performances are presented in a supportive atmosphere and reduce any discomfort or anxiety children or parents may have surrounding the theatre experience. Artists are asked to co-operate by altering the light and sound settings of their show, if necessary. Baboró’s Front of House Managers ensure that there is plenty of room for audience members to move around, come and go during performances and eat or drink in the venue, if that is comforting to them. Our aim is to provide a comfortable and relaxed space for children to enjoy the show, and in turn provide a stress-free environment for parents. Children, parents, teachers and carers can enjoy the experience knowing that:

  • The performances selected have visual delights or music and usually include humour.
  • If children are uncomfortable and need a break, they can go out and return when they are ready.
  • If children require snacks to be available to eat, they will be allowed to do so. We do ask that the snacks are not wrapped in noisy paper.
  • It is not essential that the children are absolutely silent throughout the performance.
  • These performances are open to everyone.
  • The aim of this programme is to provide a comfortable and relaxed space for children to enjoy the show, and in turn to provide a stress-free environment for the audience.