BEAG: Creative Process & Play

Mon 17 Oct

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BEAG: Creative Process & Play

Graffiti: BEAG share their practice in making participatory work for young children. Having observed two Graffiti: BEAG Encounters, Paper Play and What Colour is the Rain?, participants will have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on the works with the artists who created them; they will engage in a practical workshop with BEAG artists to learn about their multidisciplinary approach and elements of the Creative Process and Play series developed during lockdown. BEAG is artist-led and child-centred--the artist makes an offer, the child responds and the process begins. Finding and accepting the simplicity is a complex task.

Presented as part of Creative Europe MAPPING Project. Please dress comfortably.

For almost 40 years, Graffiti has been creating theatre and quality arts experiences from Cork that give children and young people a voice; the freedom to express themselves and help them to imagine a better world. We believe that every child should have the right to access culture and discover the world through the arts, regardless of their socio-economic background. We nurture young people’s curiosity and imagination to empower them and to enrich their lives. We celebrate the voices of all children and young people. We celebrate diversity and value inclusion.

We believe in building community through creativity, kindness, and the power of imagination. We develop children’s confidence and mental wellbeing through participation in the arts. We inspire them to forge greater connections with the world and a sense of belonging through a guided and transformative discovery of the arts. We achieve this by creating accessible and excellent theatre for young audiences and through a rich Creative Learning Programme where children are mentored and supported to be the artists creators themselves.