Club Origami

7 Circles


Fri 13 Oct - Sun 15 Oct

Rip, fold and scrumple!

Shall we see what we can make with a single square of paper? As you scrunch the paper, see how your imagination begins to dance…

Dive into the magical world of Club Origami, an immersive and interactive dance show inviting audiences to create, imagine and explore whole new ways of thinking, playing, and moving.

Dance, fashion and live music meet the magic of origami to whisk us away on a spirited and inspiring adventure in a land made purely of paper and play.

‘Full of imagination, and creativity springing from an empty page.’

7 Circles is an artist collective founded by Takeshi Matsumoto. Takeshi is a Japanese dance artist and a dance movement psychotherapist with experience in working with children with autism and learning disabilities both in the UK and Japan.

Growing up in Japan, his practice both in life and performing art is influenced by 和-Wa, harmony, peacefulness, quiet and contentment ways of living and balancing with others and the environment. 

He was awarded an artist development programme as a Vital Spark associate artist.

In recent years, he has been committed to an independent project to create dance performances with stateless refugee children in Thailand, tackling issues around social injustice and the rights of children.

Relaxed Events are specifically for parents who may have concerns about bringing their children to the festival. We aim to provide a comfortable and relaxed space for children, and a stress-free environment for parents. Artists adapt their shows by altering the light and sound for example, and our Front of House Managers create a supportive atmosphere where audiences can move around or make noise.

Venue | O'Donoghue Theatre, University of Galway

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