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Colour My Life: Brighten Your Day

Toodlelou Creativity Lab is creating temporary, nature-based art installations in public parks across Galway city but we need your help!

Toodlelou artists will begin art installations at the designated parks and are inviting you to make your own artworks at home and then bring them to add to the installations at a time that suits you during the festival (5th to 18th October).

Toodlelou will share video tutorials and images as guidelines for creating the artwork, but we always encourage artists to follow their own inspiration. With three different creative approaches to choose from, Toodlelou will guide you through making beautiful works of art at home that can be put on display for our whole community to see. Through the use of colour and encouraging messages, we can brighten the day of others by sharing our beautiful artworks. Together, we will create:

Rock Gardens: We’ll make colourful gardens of painted rocks with bright and beautiful images or messages of hope and inspiration.

Wishing Trees: We'll hang messages that share our hopes and dreams, for ourselves and others, on wishing trees.

Land Art: We'll create unique land art with materials found in nature like leaves, flower petals, stones and twigs.

You are invited to join the Toodlelou art activities at home, online, throughout Galway City or wherever you are in the world. So, if you don't live in Galway or can't get to the park, you can display your art in your garden, school yard or local park to bring all the colours of the rainbow into the lives of your community.

You can also share your artwork with Baboró through social media channels to show your creations to the festival audience as well as friends and family further afield.

Video tutorials and further details to follow - keep an eye on the Baboró website and social media channels.

Please note: Public Health Guidelines must be followed. Please ensure you stay updated and follow social distancing and outdoor gathering guidelines at all times. You can find the latest public health measures in place here. Help us keep everyone safe while we make and enjoy public art!


Toodlelou Creativity Lab

Toodlelou Creativity Lab creates opportunities for young people to experience the magic of hands-on learning through workshops that explore ideas by creating, tinkering and experimenting. Lindsay Deely is a science communicator, creative and Mom, who strives to increase young people’s confidence in exploring ideas through a fail-forward approach to learning that incorporates art, crafts, creations and experiments and celebrates all participants’ creative abilities.


Taking place across Galway City parks, to be announced.

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Colour My Life: Brighten Your Day