Conceiving Participative Art for Children

Jessica Wilson


Tue 17 Oct

I See You Like This artist Jessica Wilson, creates concepts which use playful participation processes alongside public outcomes to change the way we perceive the ordinary people and places around us. Her specific interest is in the relationship between children and their adults, and between children and place. In this practical workshop, Jessica will guide you in her method for developing new concepts. She brings her theatre background to all her projects, finding narrative in diverse experiences from simple interactions to journeys across whole urban landscapes.

In this practical workshop, Jessica will share her works and guide you in her method for developing and testing new concepts. Each participant will bring their own fascinations, background and creative mediums to the formation of their draft idea for a participative project involving children. Working individually and in a supportive group structure you will dream up an idea that takes art for children to unusual places and expands the experiences of audiences beyond traditional art venues.

Jessica Wilson is a leading practitioner of participative art with children and their adults based in Melbourne, Australia. She draws on local people and places to create experiences that change the way we see the ordinary world around us, regularly commissioned by arts centres around the world to create concepts that are adapted to new locations and made in collaboration with local artists.

Venue | Áras na Mac Léinn, University of Galway