Croí and Gaoth: sing, dance, play!

Thu 20 Oct

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Croí and Gaoth: sing, dance, play!

Are you interested in collaborating with artists from different art forms? Would you like to explore approaches to cross-arts collaboration in the creation of work for young audiences? Then this workshop is for you!

Led by Fidget Feet’s Chantal McCormick and Ceol Connected’s Thomas Johnston, their Croí and Gaoth workshop is suitable for any artists making work for young audiences. You can look forward to experiencing a range of exercises, and engaging in improvisation that will inform, inspire and connect us to that interesting in-between space where different art forms meet.

Please dress comfortably.

Chantal McCormick is Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre. Thomas Johnston is Founder and Artistic Director of Ceol Connected.