Cultivating Curiosity

Toodlelou Creativity Lab


Sat 14 Oct - Sat 21 Oct

Cultivating Curiosity is an opportunity to experience the joy of discovery together with your young child in a welcoming and open workshop experience. This hands-on exploratory workshop will allow for the joy of discovery for everyone – parents and caregivers learning alongside their little ones while letting them lead the way.

Beginning with a sensory story time, the workshop will provide a range of opportunities for children to celebrate their curiosity by using the five senses to explore the wider world. Key ideas on how you can continue sensory discovery at home will be provided in a simple booklet to extend the experience.

Relaxed event: Saturday 21 October, 15.30. Find out more about relaxed events below.

Relaxed Events are specifically for parents who may have concerns about bringing their children to the festival. We aim to provide a comfortable and relaxed space for children, and a stress-free environment for parents. Artists adapt their shows by altering the light and sound for example, and our Front of House Mangers create a supportive atmosphere where audiences can move around or make noise.

Toodlelou Creativity Lab creates opportunities for young people to experience the magic of hands-on learning by delivering workshops that explore ideas through creating, tinkering and experimenting. Lindsay Deely is a science communicator, creative and Mom, who strives to increase young people’s confidence in exploring ideas through a fail-forward approach to learning that incorporates art, crafts, creations and experiments and celebrates all participants’ creative abilities.

Venue | Galway City Museum

Located at the Spanish Arch