Free | Visual Art | All Ages

Widden Ar Geels

Oein DeBhairduin and Leanne McDonagh

Free | Audio | 7 TO 12 YRS


The Little Robber Girl


Visual Art | Outdoors | All Ages

Our City Walls

Emmalene Blake

Appropriate for ages 3+ Can be made at home, after school, or at primary and secondary school level.

Making Your Own Book

Baboró International Arts Festival for Children

Performance | 9 YRS+

The Sleep That Ceased to Settle

Graffiti Theatre

Performance | Video Installation | 4 TO 12 YRS

Family Portrait

Barrowland Ballet

Performance | 0 TO 3 YRS

Paper Play

Graffiti: BEAG

Performance | 0 TO 3 YRS

What Colour is the Rain?

Grafitti: BEAG

Free | Audio | 2nd to 6th Class


Sound Secrets

Moonfish Theatre