Der Lauf

Vélocimanes Associés-Le Cirque du Bout du Monde


Sat 15 Oct - Sun 16 Oct

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Der Lauf

Welcome to the surreal world of Der Lauf, where nothing is quite as it seems. Two circus performers compete in a series of bizarre challenges as they juggle blindly, spin plates wildly and stack glasses wearing enormous boxing gloves. As the glasses rise, so do the stakes. Will you, their only guide, help lead them to safety or towards further peril?

Expect the unexpected in this series of absurd games played in an offbeat cabaret style that will enthral young and old alike.

Les Vélocimanes Associés creates versatile shows which can be adapted to meet the needs of all kinds of audiences, including those without access to cultural infrastructure. Les Vélocimanes Associés focuses its activities on the production of Der Lauf in co-production with Le Cirque Du Bout Du Monde.

Le Cirque du Bout du Mond
e has been producing and presenting shows since 1999. The association operates as a collective where the artists conceptualise and perform all projects, in the spirit of sharing and collaboration.