Photographer: Karen Conway

Karen Conway | Ireland | Workshop For Children

Drawing On Science

Explore the connections between science and art in a practical drawing workshop with Karen Conway, artist in residence at CÚRAM – the National Centre for Research in Medical Devices.

You will explore vintage medical equipment and chemicals used in the past as Karen compares them to today’s devices and chemicals. Fascinating biomaterials and medical devices will be used to create drawings.

‘...In my experience, the only way to be sure I’m looking carefully enough at something - particularly something with lots of detail is to draw it. The vital importance of this is that there may be something new and unexpected there; unless I draw I won’t look carefully enough to see the unexpected.’ Adelaide Carpenter, genetic scientist (Phipps, 2006)


Karen Conway

Karen Conway has been selected to create the CÚRAM community art commission for the Eastside of Galway city, which is co-funded by the Galway City Arts Office. CÚRAM is the National Centre for Research in Medical Devices. Supported by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and industry partners, CÚRAM’s goal is to radically improve quality of life for patients with chronic illness by developing the next generation of smart, implantable medical devices.

Karen is working with Professor William Wijns, who is a leading expert in Cardiology. Professor Wijns is a SFI (Science Foundation Ireland) Professor in Interventional Cardiology at CÚRAM, the Lambe Institute for Translational Medicine, and Saolta University Healthcare Group, National University of Ireland Galway.

'Drawing on Science' is funded by Galway City Council.


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