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Family Portrait

Barrowland Ballet


Sun 16 - Wed 19 Oct

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Family Portrait

Family Portrait captures Artistic Director, Natasha Gilmore, and her children in an intimate portrayal of family life. Presented on 4 large screens that surround audiences, this video installation introduces Natasha’s family through dance, humour and candid “off camera” moments as together they encounter the stunning Scottish landscape.

Through striking imagery, choreography and intricate soundscapes, an honest depiction of family unfolds, in all its relentless, glorious chaos.

These events are specifically for parents who may have concerns about bringing their children to the festival. We aim to provide a comfortable and relaxed space for children, and a stress-free environment for parents. Our artists adapt their show, by altering the light and sound for example, and our Front of House Managers create a supportive atmosphere where audiences can move around or make noise, etc.

Barrowland Ballet is one of Scotland’s most exciting contemporary dance companies built around the artistic work of choreographer Natasha Gilmore. The company produces high-quality, accessible dance theatre performances and films which tour nationally and internationally. The work’s themes are delivered with wit and humour, and the insightful observations of human behaviour are rooted in personal stories.

In 2017, Natasha Gilmore was the UK nomination for the ASSITEJ Award for Excellence for her work for young audiences. In 2016, Barrowland Ballet established an intergenerational company, The Wolf Pack, which subsequently won the Most Innovative Project at the 2019 ‘Generations Working Together’ National awards. Most recently, the company has been recognised for contemporary dance work with and for neuro-diverse audiences and children with Barrowland Ballet complex needs.