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Fidget the Wonder Dog

Patricia Forde and Rachael Saunders

Fidget the Wonder Dog

A fun interactive session with author Patricia Forde and illustrator Rachael Saunders for lovers of books and dogs! ‘Fidget The Wonder Dog’ is an epic story of adventure featuring a beautiful dog called Fidget. Fidget is not a lie-by-the-fire dog. Not a fetch-your-slippers dog. But he is a go-on-a-mad-adventure dog. A sail-the-seven-seas dog. A lost-and-then-a-found dog…

Patricia Forde is an award winning children’s writer from Galway. She writes in Irish and in English and has written picture books and novels. Her latest offerings are both picture books published in 2021. They are Fidget The Wonder Dog (Puffin) and Imagine (Little Island). They were illustrated by Rachael Saunders and Elina Braslina respectively.

Rachael Saunders is an illustrator, hailing from Hampshire, UK, with a passion for storytelling and character design. Her distinctive, bright and joyful work spans the worlds of children’s literature, animation, product design and handbags. When she’s not creating beautifully whimsical illustrations, she can be found drinking copious amounts of tea, or getting lost in the New Forest walking her dog.