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Frames / Cornici

La Baracca


Fri 21 Oct - Sat 22 Oct

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Frames / Cornici


This event has unfortunately had to be cancelled. Ticket holders will be contacted directly. Another show by La Barracca, On-Off, will be presented at Nun's Island Theatre 21-22 October in place of Frames/Cornici.

Our memories act as windows on the past, revealing fragments of stories we have heard, pictures we have seen, emotions we have felt, ever since we were little. By opening these windows we have a chance to relive our memories in our imagination.

is a visual theatre show with very few words, that celebrates the power of memory and imagination.

La Baracca produces shows exclusively for children and young people: from very small children attending crèches to teenagers attending secondary school. The productions have an original theatrical style and dimension, aimed at generating amazement, pursuing simplicity and essentiality, always paying special attention to the relationship with the audience. La Baracca supports the idea of competent and sensitive children, who can fully enjoy a high-quality artistic experience at any age.

Venue | Ballybane Library