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Inefficient Mapping: Experiments in Knowing

Kids' Own Publishing Partnership & Lucy Hill

Inefficient Mapping: Experiments in Knowing

Inefficient mapping is a way of tuning in to what doesn’t usually get mapped in a mapping process. It’s a way of questioning why only physical landmarks are usually mapped, and why maps may only make sense to those who know their codes. It invites questions about measurement, place, positionality, and perspective.

Through playful artistic exploration you will be interested in finding ways of mapping all kinds of movement in and around the school building, and of making your own unique mapping codes that may only make sense to you, the maker. You will make maps on tracing papers and concrete, and use different materials including invisible drawing, chalk, ribbon, sticks, straws, and string.

Kids’ Own is a children’s arts organisation and publishing house, established in 1997. Kids’ Own's mission is to develop, publish and promote artwork and writing created by young people for young people, through meaningful engagement with professional artists. Through publishing and arts initiatives across a range of media, we amplify, make visible and give credence to the voices and expressions of young people who are not seen and heard within society – particularly those who are experiencing various forms of social exclusion. Kids’ Own is driven by a passionate belief in the intrinsic value of the arts in children’s lives; as a source of joy, fulfilment and connection. Through our work, we support children to be actively creating, enquiring, communicating and making meaning through the arts.

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