Little Murmur

Aakash Odedra Company


Tue 17 Oct - Thu 19 Oct

An honest, funny and heartfelt journey through the trials and tribulations of living with dyslexia and seeing things differently.

Little Murmur
is a dance theatre show based on the true story of a child who one day realises they have been misspelling their own name. Defined by his learning difficulties, not his abilities, dance became Aakash’s mode of expression.

Featuring an extraordinary soundscape, groundbreaking projection, and a blizzard of paper and confetti, Little Murmur is about discovery, facing challenges and overcoming the odds. Watch bodies and words fly like flocks of birds, a murmuration, a little murmur.

Find out more about associated workshops for families & schools here.

‘the sheer authority and brilliance of the show’s movement and dance, and the superb animated sequences which accompany it ... strike a profound chord.’

Aakash Odedra Company was founded in Leicester in 2011 and named after Artistic Director Aakash Odedra. Aakash was born in Birmingham, UK and lives in Leicester. He is a globally recognised and award winning dancer and choreographer. His choreography pushes boundaries, responding to and drawing inspiration from contemporary issues. As a British Asian, Aakash Odedra uses his voice to translate ancient and contemporary movement languages to tell new stories.

The education resources below were prepared by the Aakash Odedra Company to accompany Little Murmur. You may find these useful in preparing for your visit to Baboró, or an enriching way to reflect on the performance after you attend.

Little Murmur Education Pack - Abridged

Little Murmur Education Pack - Full Length