Performance | Schools Only

Lullaby LEAF

Ceol Connected


Wed 19 Oct - Fri 21 Oct

Lullaby LEAF

Prepare for whooshing winds, gigantic raindrops, busy bugs, and bursts of colourful canopy! A soothing world comes to life through music, light, smell, movement, and touch in this joyful multisensory performance. Produced and performed by Ceol Connected for children with Down Syndrome and complex needs.

Ceol Connected (est. in 2011 by Artistic Director Dr. Thomas Johnston) is a young and impassioned company that strives to create meaningful, beguiling, virtuosic, fantastical, and gloriously joyful work for young audiences that is of the highest quality and that draws inspiration and intrigue from the world of traditional arts. Ceol Connected believes in the power of the arts to reach and engage young children and to have a transformative impact in their lives.

Projects include of The Quiet Tree; The Far Field; The Wonderful Tune; A Winter Wish; Whistle in the Wind; LEAF, Return of Spring, TREEHOUSE and most recently Wunderground.

Venue | The Connacht Hotel