Photographer: Tina Declerq

Arch8 | Netherlands | Dance

No Man is an Island

The creators of the award-winning ‘Tetris’, which wowed audiences in 2018, return to Baboró in an equally accessible dance piece which tests the limits of a body’s endurance.


This dance duet pushes the limits of physical possibility. It explores balance and counter-balance as one body climbs and shifts atop another without ever touching the ground. ‘No Man is an Island’ brings together connection, cooperation, communication and creativity.

The audience enjoy this encounter up close and personal as they are invited to sit in a circle surrounding the dancers.


The short performance will be followed by a practical workshop. 'Partnering in Dance' invites pairs of children, or a child and carer, to have fun together exploring balance, co-operation and creativity in a safe and supportive environment.

While everyone is welcome to enjoy the performances, workshops may have limited availability.

No Man Is An Island will tour to schools and libraries throughout Co. Galway in association with Galway Schools Library Service. Kindly funded by Galway County Council.

‘This acrobatic balancing act is an exquisite extension of a recognisable children’s game: walking on sidewalks, stones, or stumps, without falling into the ‘sea’.’ – De Volkskrant



Arch8 isn’t an everyday dance company. Based in the Netherlands, they view theatrical traditions as a resource, using them to create new forms. They then share these new forms in public space, architectural space and theatrical space. There is a high degree of interactivity in their award-winning work. They consistently encourage an active viewing, a participatory imagining on the part of the public. With its innovative approach, the company has performed around the globe as well as making collaborative performances with local artists throughout Europe.


In association with Galway Schools Library Service.