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Super Paua Stories

Super Paua

Mon 4 Oct - Sun 17 Oct

Super Paua Stories

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Enjoy Super Paua Stories/Scéalta Super Paua/Opowiadania Super Paua, a podcast where Super Paua shares their favourite tales of WhatsApp astronomy lessons; the best bear hugging techniques; miniature gardening rivalries; caorigh atá ag iarraidh bríoscaí éagsúla; muca ag caint leat i do shamhlíocht; impersonating a journalist to get to the Euros; and skipping school with your dog!

Super Paua Stories began in April 2020 during the first lockdown in Ireland. They commissioned 8 stories for young people 12 and under, and recorded and made the final pieces from kitchens, bedrooms, and wardrobes! Since then they’ve made two more seasons. Season 2, Scéalta Super Paua, were stories written as Gaeilge or bilingually and produced with support from axis: Ballymun. Opowiadania Super Paua is their third series, produced with support from Riverbank Arts Centre and axis:Ballymun. This series focuses on Polish language and culture. Polish was the second most spoken language in Ireland in the 2016 census.

The Podcasts

Kry’s Passport to Poland (Polish/English)

Duration: 16 min

Age: Recommended for children aged 8-12 (2nd - 6th class), and young people who’d do anything to go to the Euros.

Dee Dee and her Special Day (Polish/English)

Duration: 18 min

Age: Recommended for children aged 6-7 (Senior Infants and 1st Class), and young people who dream of going on adventures with their dog!

Lara ar Strae (Gaeilge)

Fad: 12 nóim

Aois: Molta do pháistí idir 7-12 i ngaelscoileanna (Rang 1- Rang 6), agus do dhaoine óga le samhlíocht láidir.

Caoimhe agus na Caoga Caoirigh Craicáilte (Gaeilge)

Fad: 21 nóim

Aois: Molta do pháistí idir 8-12 i ngaelscoileanna (Rang 2-Rang 6), agus do dhaoine óga an-tóghta le brioscaí agus caorigih craicáilte.

Fiachra and the Biscuit Tin Garden (English/Irish)

Duration/Fad: 20 min

Age/Aois: Recommended for children aged 8-12 (2nd-6th Class), agus do dhaoine óga le cúpla focail!

Moonstone (English)

Duration: 15 min

Age: Recommended for children aged 8-12 (2nd-6th Class), and young people who love stargazing!

Hug Me With Your Words (English)

Duration: 7 min

Age: Recommended for children aged 5-6 (Junior and Senior Infants), and young people who type with their toes, and express their love in different and beautiful ways!

Super Paua is an Irish artist-led collective that makes work for young people in a variety of languages, places, and forms. Humour, social relevance, and respect define our work. Super Paua wants to give you things you didn’t think you’d like, but which you find beautiful and necessary once we’ve given them to you. They want to surprise you with the wickedness of your sense of humour, the extent of your empathy, and your bravery in the face of risk. They use public arts projects to tell exciting and empowering stories and to nurture human potential. Their super powers are laughter and solidarity, patience and flexibility, and their focus of wellness in the midst of a world that is not well.