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The Little Robber Girl



Fri 14 Oct - Sun 23 Oct

The Little Robber Girl

Right and wrong are not so straightforward for Mattie - a thief and trickster raised among sea-faring bandits. She’s not one to do what she is told, but she is a brave soul and a loyal daughter, and this time it’s up to her to come to her family’s rescue.

Join Mattie, her little dog Arthur, and her new friend Finn in an exciting audio drama, as they go in search of Mattie’s missing Mammy and return with much more than buried treasure.

Let the listening adventure begin!

Listen to The Little Robber Girl Below

The Little Robber Girl will be available to listen to through the podcast links below and RTÉ Jr from the 14 - 23 October.

Education Resources

Download fun and engaging activities and resources here. These can be used in the classroom or at home to accompany The Little Robber Girl

Zoom Workshop For School Groups

Learn how to create and illustrate your own radio play storyboard! If you would like to take part in an online Zoom workshop for your class with artist Deirdre Dwyer based on The Little Robber Girl, please indicate your interest on the Schools Booking Form.

Episode 1: Meeting Mattie | 13 Mins

Mattie and her best friend Arthur are not afraid of anything. When she discovers her Mam hasn’t come home she decides someone has to do something… and that someone is most definitely her!

Episode 2: Finn of the Fisherfolk | 13 Mins

Not everyone lives like Mattie by the motto, “Don’t doubt it, just do it!”. Finn, one of the Fisherfolk of Dunhaven, is a much more cautious individual. Without his help Mattie’s plans are dashed but something just might stir inside Finn meaning adventure awaits for Mattie, Arthur and her new friend.

Episode 3: The Missing Jewels | 16 Mins

Far out in Thunder Bay Mattie realises that her favourite bedtime story might just hold the key to where her Mam, might be headed. Now if she can just make Finn understand that going out all the way to Carrig Róin is a good idea she’ll be another step closer to her Mam, and some missing jewels.

Episode 4: Sister Stories | 15 Mins

Up on the surface Mattie, Arthur and Finn were fighting their way through waves, wind and fast approaching evening, down below them in the deep, a different type of struggle was happening. Mags and Maureen have a lot to talk about but what is that large eight legged creature doing outside their vessel?

Episode 5: Danger in the Deep | 18 Mins

If Arthur is in trouble there is nothing Mattie won’t do to help him. That’s how she gets herself into a sticky situation with a rather large aquatic beast! But with Finn onboard carefully following the plan Mattie’s bound to save the day, isn’t she?

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Deirdre Dwyer directs theatre for, and with, young people designs sets and costumes for theatre, opera, dance and film. She designs sets and costumes for theatre, opera, dance and film.