The Sleep That Ceased to Settle

Graffiti Theatre


Sun 16 Oct - Tue 18 Oct

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The Sleep That Ceased to Settle

It was Joanie’s Mum who sang the bedtime songs. Now she's gone and Joanie can't sleep. Encouraged by her dad Malley, Joanie begins to tell a story of a village where sleep has ceased to settle. Can a young girl guide her community to the safety of Mt Torgberg? Can songs return and Joanie and Malley finally find sleep?

This new heart-warming play by internationally renowned playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer is full of heart, fun and great adventure, as a father and daughter try to come to terms with loss, grief and a lack of sleep.

For almost 40 years, Graffiti has been creating theatre and quality arts experiences from Cork that give children and young people a voice; the freedom to express themselves and help them to imagine a better world. Graffiti believe that every child should have the right to access culture and discover the world through the arts, regardless of their socio-economic background. The company nurtures young people’s curiosity and imagination to empower them and to enrich their lives.