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The Wonderful World of Books and Bees

Sarah Webb and Eoin Warner

Fri 15th Oct

The Wonderful World of Books and Bees

Welcome to the wonderful world of books and bees! In this live online event your class will find out how award-winning writer, Sarah Webb created her new book ‘The Little Bee Charmer of Henrietta Street,’ and how beekeeper, Eoin Warner looks after his bees. You might be surprised at how much the two jobs have in common - hard work, patience and creativity for a start!

Sarah and Eoin will talk about how they first got interested in writing and beekeeping and why they love them. Children will get the chance to ask Eoin about bees and Sarah about writing during the event and they can share their own bee information and sightings too. With lots of bee facts and videos of bees in action, plus lots of inspirational writing advice and tips, this event is sure to create a buzz in your classroom!

Sarah Webb is an award-winning children’s writer who also runs creative writing clubs for children and teens, reviews children’s books for the Irish Independent, and programmes children’s and family events for book festivals and MoLI (Museum of Literature Ireland). A part-time children’s bookseller, Sarah is passionate about bringing children and books together and was awarded the Children’s Books Ireland Award for Outstanding Contribution to Children’s Books in Ireland.

Eoin Warner is a native of West Cork and from a young age was enchanted by nature and the outdoors. He works as a wildlife documentary TV presenter for RTÉ and TG4. He has been working with bees for the past 8 years and keeps an apiary of five hives in Menlo, County Galway. Eoin finds the lives of our honey bees extraordinary and fascinating with any surplus honey at the end of the year a bonus and gift from nature.