Free | Visual Art

There Are Little Worlds

Paula Henihan


Fri 13 Oct - Sun 22 Oct

This exhibition explores moments of curiosity and joy through detailed miniature paperworks. Paula has constructed illustrative scenes made from brightly painted paper cut outs that are positioned carefully in layers within tiny boxes.

Paula’s work contains scenes that capture pleasant moments, brave moments, quiet and calm moments. You are invited to peer into these little worlds of wonder. Come with a curious eye and you may find some hidden details.

‘I’ve always had a fleeting dream of living in a children’s book illustration. I’ve enjoyed making this work since it plays with this dream and facilitates a narrative or a suspension of disbelief.‘ Paula Henihan

Paula Henihan is an artist and art teacher whose practice engages with paper, mixed media and collage, printmaking and crafts.

Venue | Engage Art Studios, Salthill