Photographer: Brian Hartley

Barrowland Ballet | Scotland | Dance

Tiger Tale

Something wild is prowling. She can hear it through her bedroom walls, but her parents seem stuck in the dull routines of their everyday lives. Until one day the wild breaks in and everything changes, for the better!

A daughter who longs for someone to play with; a mother who has forgotten what it's like to go outside; a father frustrated by the monotony of their daily routine. A troubled family’s world turns upside down when a tiger invades. This delightfully dangerous guest brings chaos, colour and excitement as he reignites a family’s love for one another. Enjoy captivating dance, a pulsing soundtrack and the thrill of being immersed in the action.

Telling the story through the eyes of a little girl, ‘Tiger Tale’ is a sophisticated dance theatre piece for children and families. Children identify with, and find humour in, the daughter’s mischievous attention seeking antics. As the tiger weaves through the audience he captivates and delights with his cheekiness. Up close to the action, the audience embark on a sensory adventure as the sterile space is transformed into a shifting world of colour, scent and explosive movement, unleashing the chaos of the tiger in thrilling and unexpected ways.

This is an insightful story of family relationships that has a universal resonance as it delights audiences across the world.

Recommended Performance
This is a 'Recommended Performance' which means that it has been identified as a suitable for groups with additional needs.

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‘...enthralling and enchanting… One word describes the experience. Joyous.’ – Dublin Examiner ★★★★★
'Kim Moore’s live sound and music gives the Tiger a vocal presence while enhancing the big emotional engagement of both pieces.' - The Stage
'Natasha Gilmore’s choreography is beautifully realised in the group’s movements that are perfectly synced with the sound and gorgeous live music from Kim Moore.' - Edinburgh Guide ★★★★★
‘the dancers - gave high-octane performances, making the thrilling complexities of choreography, look effortless’ - The Herald ★★★★


Barrowland Ballet

Barrowland Ballet is one of Scotland’s most exciting and successful contemporary dance companies built around the artistic work of choreographer Natasha Gilmore. The company tours nationally and internationally. Their work’s themes are delivered with wit and humour, and the insightful observations of human behaviour are rooted in personal stories. Natasha Gilmore was the UK nomination for the ASSITEJ Award for Excellence 2017 for her work for young audiences. Alongside the company’s professional work, Barrowland Ballet produce exceptional participatory performance projects.


Black Box Theatre

Accessibility: This venue is fully wheelchair accessible.

Parking: There is Pay and Display (street parking) at this venue. Chargeable hours are 08.30-18.30 Monday to Saturday and 13.00-18.30 Sunday, at €2 per hour.

Public Bus: Galway city bus route 407 stops at Woodquay, which is a 7 minute walk to the Black Box Theatre.

Walking: The Black Box Theatre is an 8 minute walk from the Town Hall Theatre and a 19 minute walk from the Spanish Arch.