Engruna Teatre


Sat 14 Oct - Tue 17 Oct

Universe is a sensory experience for babies and their grown ups, full of visual poetry, live music and movement.

In this gentle interactive performance the audience is invited to explore the universe in order to find their place in it. People and objects are in constant motion as they seek balance and harmony amongst the chaos. Each inhabitant in this cosmos, each sound, each movement, is bound together as we are guided in a playful exploration of the surrounding universe.

This playful show for our littlest audience is sure to charm young and old alike.

ASD school shows available via Schools Box Office (Monday 16 October, 11.30am and Tuesday 17 October, 10am)

Engruna Teatre tells stories and shares experiences hoping to thrill and make a difference. They take details we don’t usually pay attention to and turn them into unique tales, full of symbols and meaning. They emphasise the importance of the actor onstage by portraying them as a storyteller, performer, object manipulator and musician. They explore the expressive potential of combining words, visual poetry, live music and object theatre. They use the aesthetics, the beauty and the poetry of the scenography to discuss universal subjects. All in all, it allows the audience to dive into a unique theatrical experience.