Upcycling Design Challenge

Designer Minds


Sunday 23 October

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Upcycling Design Challenge

Venue note: Please be aware that this event will take place in PorterShed, Bowling Green (near Market Street and St Nicholas' Church), not the PorterShed Eyre Square location.

Help to save the planet and turn junk into art! Bring your own brilliant ideas or be inspired by upcycling artists to create unique sculptures and amazing
inventions from trash.

Please note: This event is for children only, but participants must be accompanied to and from venue by an adult. For relaxed events, adults must stay at the venue.

These events are specifically for parents who may have concerns about bringing their children to the festival. We aim to provide a comfortable and relaxed space for children, and a stress-free environment for parents. Our artists adapt their show, by altering the light and sound for example, and our Front of House Managers create a supportive atmosphere where audiences can move around or make noise, etc

Designer Minds is for the curious kids who like to ask why, the creative kids who love to design and make, the little engineers who like to tinker and build and for the tech kids who love gaming, computers and robots.

Venue | PorterShed, Bowling Green

Parking available in Market Street Car Park