Wait a Minute

de Stilte


Mon 16 Oct - Wed 18 Oct

From an assembly kit, a world unfolds. Snow-white objects fill the void. A small table, a stool, a door, a tiny piano. But wait a minute… is somebody here?

In a pristine landscape, two people disappear and reappear, until finally they meet. How do we react when we encounter someone new? How do we find common ground without changing who we are?

Join us in this playful dance show where two strangers encounter each other for the very first time.

Created as part of Creative Europe MAPPING project.

de Stilte is a professional dance company based in Breda, in the Southern region of the Netherlands, that focuses entirely on developing productions and performing for children. They perform hundreds of shows every year, for both the public and schools. Education is an integral part of de Stilte’s activities.

de Stilte wants to take as many children as possible out of the everyday world into the abstract world of the senses. Encourage children to tell their own story. The boundless story of the imagination. Because we believe that imagination pushes boundaries: by becoming part of the story, your world becomes larger and more familiar. Based on that philosophy, founder and artistic director Jack Timmermans works with academically trained dancers to produce ambiguous shows for young and old.