What Colour is the Rain?

Grafitti: BEAG


Mon 17 Oct

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What Colour is the Rain?

A gentle and colourful exploration of sound and senses. The excitement, anticipation and sense of wonder build as boxes burst open to reveal the colours of the rainbow,
set to the gentle and playful sound of chimes.

Graffiti: BEAG share their unique early years arts encounters with young families. Registered artists will be in attendance as part of BEAG: Creative Process & Play

For almost 40 years, Graffiti has been creating theatre and quality arts experiences from Cork that give children and young people a voice; the freedom to express themselves and help them to imagine a better world. Graffiti celebrates the voices of all children and nurtures young people’s curiosity and imagination to empower them and to enrich their lives.

Venue | The O'Donoghue Centre, NUI Galway

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