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Widden Ar Geels

Oein DeBhairduin and Leanne McDonagh


Sat 15 Oct - Sat 29 Oct

Widden Ar Geels

Immerse yourself in Traveller stories of vixens, owls and horses who live alongside humans as guides, protectors, friends and foes, while spirits, giants and fairies blur the lines between this world and the otherworld.

Artist Leanne McDonagh and poet Oein DeBhairduin invite us to celebrate the stories and oral traditions of the Irish Traveller community, creating an inclusive space for all to enjoy the magic and wisdom imbued in the craft and stories of the Mincéirí.

Curated by the Galway Arts Centre.

Oein DeBhairduin is a creative soul with a passion for poetry, folk herbalism and preserving the beauty of Traveller tales, sayings, retellings and historic exchanges. He is the manager of an education centre and a long-time board member of several Mincéirí community groups, including having had the honour of being vice-chair of the Irish Traveller Movement and a council member of Mincéir Whidden. He seeks to pair community activism with cultural celebration, recalling old tales with fresh modern connections and, most of all, he wishes to rekindle the hearth fires of a shared kinship.

Leanne McDonagh is an award-winning Irish artist, she is also a teacher and a member of the Travelling community who grew up on a halting site, with first-hand experience of the prejudices and misconceptions that society has about Travellers.

As an artist she feels she has a unique opportunity to represent and record her community from within. Her work features in both private and public collections and since her debut in 2015 she has exhibited both nationally and internationally. She is currently working on a public sculpture funded by the Irish government - under the Percent for Art scheme. She has also illustrated a short story book, titled, “Why the Moon Travels” written by a fellow Traveller, Oein De Bhairduin which is the first of its kind in Ireland and which is the recipient of many awards. Most recently numerous pieces of her work were acquired by the Irish Museum of Modern art and they now form a part of the National Collection of Ireland.