You Are Here / Du Er Her

Theatre Madam Bach


You Are Here / Du Er Her

You Are Here is about finding your way in the world - and within yourself. We meet the girl who finds her way to the bakery and back again all by herself; explore a forest of signs and symbols; use the stars to guide us across the sea.

This gentle performance weaves stories of adventures big and small from images, objects, words and musical soundscapes. Why not ride a bike all the way around the world? Just because you can!

Theatre Madam Bach creates visual theatre for children between 0-6. Through rich imagery, captivating soundscapes and a poetic use of words their theatre performances speak to the senses - in a language where the child feels at home. Madam Bach’s shows often branch out in other formats too; music, illustrated books, workshops or art projects, that promote creativity and curiosity, and encourage the child to engage beyond the theatre experience itself.