School Booking

We work closely with schools so that children enjoy equal access to quality cultural and creative arts experiences, regardless of geographic, economic, physical, intellectual or cultural status.

We have a dedicated box office specifically for schools which opens in late August each year. This is a preference based system where we endeavour to accommodate as many classes and groups as possible within the limited resources and schedule of schools and teachers.

In addition to further reduced ticket prices and free teacher and SNAs tickets for performances, we also offer free workshops and events to compliment a visit to the festival.

We also offer a bus subsidy for school transport. This can be applied for after your visit and prior to a deadline set in mid November. There is a limited overall budget for our subsidy programme so the availability and amount subsidised will be determined after all requests have been received.

How it Works

  1. Review the booking schedule below.
    This has important deadlines for booking submissions, payment and subsidies.
  2. Review the festival programme.
    This will help you to decide which shows you would like to attend with your class or group. Pay attention to age and class guidelines to get the most from your Baboró experience.
  3. Complete the online booking request form.
    Here you can input your preferences for performances, workshops, dates and times. We use this information to schedule in as many classes and groups based on their preferences.
    Please complete one booking request form per class or group. Where there is more than 1 group or class you must submit a separate request form.
  4. Confirmation and availability.
    We will contact you to confirm availability and bookings based on your preferences.
    Once confirmed you will receive a booking confirmation, invoice and your Baboró schedule.
    Please note that bookings are not confirmed until payment is received.
  5. Review the teacher resources.
    Once you have confirmed your booking you may wish to review our teacher guides and packs.These materials include performance specific packs, support materials for children with specific accessibility and sensory needs and information on bus drop off points and venues.
  6. Submit a bus subsidy form.
    After your visit to the festival you may wish to submit a request for a subsidy on your transport costs for your class or group.
  7. Complete our feedback survey.
    To continue improving our festival we would love to hear your feedback or comments. Complete our feedback form or send any feedback to Tell us about your festival experience, your favourite festival moment and suggest improvements.

Dates & Deadlines

Please note that deadlines for the below will be confirmed prior to opening our school bookings in late August.

Late August: School bookings open.

Mid September: First Round Booking Deadline.

Late September: Schools notified of allocation via email. Please do not call for information on your booking before this date, as it will take one week to process all school schedules.

Late September: Schools' acceptance of first round offers.

Early October: Payment in full by cheque or bank transfer.
Please note that bookings are not considered complete and confirmed until full payment has been received.

Early November: Bus subsidy deadline. We must receive the form by the stated deadline as submissions will not be processed after this date.

School Ticket Pricing

School Performance Ticket: €6.50
Registered DEIS School Performance Ticket: €5.50
Creative Connections and Workshops: Free
Visual Art & Exhibitions: Free

Free Teacher and SNA Tickets
  • Schools: 1 free teacher ticket per 10 students
  • Pre-Schools: 1 free teacher ticket per 5 students
  • Additional Needs Groups: As required