Bus Subsidy

As part of our policy to enhance access to the arts for all children, Baboró offers a bus subsidy for schools attending our annual festival. This subsidy is in place for schools who would otherwise not be able to attend the festival.

Following their festival experience, schools can submit a bus subsidy form to recover some of their transport costs. Submissions may be made for the cost of hired buses or for the expense of the use of a school bus.

The form will be made available here when we launch our programme in September. Completed forms will be due by early November - you can view this year's key dates and deadlines here.


  • In order to help us continue this service and due to limited funds, we kindly ask schools to avail of this offer only where they could not otherwise attend.
  • We offer a subsidy up to 50% based on a maximum of €1.25 per child for schools in Galway City and €2 per child for schools outside Galway City, whichever is the lesser amount.
  • We also offer a mileage subsidy for school groups who have their own school transport. A payment of 50¢ per mile is available for schools required to travel more than 2 miles to performances.
  • Please submit a subsidy form for each return journey.
  • Forms must be submitted by the deadline in early November. Visit our booking page here to see this year's submission deadline.

Sample Calculations

Example One:

30 children attend from a school in County Galway. The bus rental costs €95.00.

The following calculations are made: 30 children x €2.00 = €60.00 or Bus Rental price of €95.00 x 50% = €47.50.

The Bus Subsidy for this school is €47.50.

Example Two:

30 children attend from a Galway County school. The school has its own bus and travels 25 miles to Baboró.

The following calculations are made: 20 children x €2.00 = €40.00 or 25 miles x 50¢ = €12.50.

The Bus Subsidy is for this school is €12.50.