Touring Programme

Baboró works with venues across the country in order to increase access to the arts for children, and to showcase visiting companies’ work.

At the heart of everything we do is the keyword “access” - access to the arts and cultural activity – regardless of socio-economic, geographical, intellectual, physical, cultural or educational status. We believe that all children have the right to access quality creative experiences.

On Tour

From its base in Galway city, the festival seeks to make key elements of the festival available in venues and schools in Galway county, increasing access to the arts for as many children as possible, and reducing the financial pressure on teachers and families.

Touring information about the 2018 Programme will be posted here once the details are released.                       

Network Touring

Through our Network Touring Programme, we work with other venues across the country to provide access to visiting companies’ work. Collaborating with these venues means that work is more affordable, and audiences are increased and ensures that many children in other regions throughout Ireland benefit from affordable access to the arts.

For more information on Network Touring, please contact Jennifer Ahern at