Commissions Award Announcement

Baboró is delighted to announce that we are a recipient of an Arts Council Commission Award to enable us to work with Galway artist James Riordan. James will collaborate with interdisciplinary artists to create a new show designed to tour city and county libraries during Baboró’s annual festival next year.

The innovative work will celebrate books, story and diversity. Informing the character and story development will be a selection of books chosen with project partners Children's Books Ireland, The O'Brien Press and Little Island. This unique show, with playful costume and intricate sound design, will reinvigorate civic spaces and delight young audiences, families and schools.

Baboró is committed to supporting artists in the development of new work and providing them with opportunities to access national and international presenters. James Riordan has been a part of Baboró’s Pathways to Production artist support programme and is currently working with Baboró as part of Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture.

This project will be in development throughout 2021 and will be presented at Baboró’s annual festival in October 2021.

About James Riordan

James is the Artistic Director of Brú Theatre. He is a Galway-based artist and theatre maker and is currently Theatre Artist in Residence in the Town Hall Theatre. He is a participant on Creative Europe’s 'Make a Move,' an ASSETIJ Next Generation participant in 2019 (Norway) and 2020 (Japan), and was nominated for Best Actor for the 2019 Irish Times Theatre Awards for his performance in Brú Theatre’s ‘Selvage.’

Photography: Julia Dunin